Better Friday

Better Friday

What is Better Friday? 

Better Friday was initiated to capture some of the Black Friday holiday shopping fervor and channel it into doing good. While we know many people are looking for discounts, we also know that a lot of people are just out shopping with the crowds. Why not harness that consumer spending for charity?  

This year, we are supporting the Ukrainian Canadian Parachute Centre. This volunteer run organization provides displaced Ukrainians with clothing and basic necessities to help families settle in Canada.  

$100 from each parka sold from November 21 – 28, 2022, will be donated to the Parachute Centre. 

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Why don’t we participate in Black Friday Discounting? 

At Wuxly, we’re trying to change the negative impact fashion has on the world, and that starts with better garment quality and fair pay. The margin lost on deep discounting events needs to be made up somewhere, more often than not, it’s recouped further down the supply chain in lower quality materials and lower wages for garment workers.  

With over 92 tones of textile waste going into landfills each year, we want to ensure that our garments have lasting power. Our prices reflect the high performance fabrics and materials we use to make our jackets, parkas, fleece and vests. To compromise on price would lead to compromises on quality and that’s not a game we’re willing to play.  

We also manufacture our garments in Canada, close to our offices in Toronto, where we can ensure the safe working conditions and fair pay of the skilled sewing operators who make our parkas. A living wage is worth every penny, and our pricing reflects that. 

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Do you ever have sales?  

We do have a last call section, where discount styles with limited sizes and colours.  

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