Find Your Perfect Parka Quiz

Find Your Perfect Parka Quiz

Find your perfect jacket 

Winter is enjoyed or endured, depending on your lifestyle.  No matter how you see it, we’ve got the perfect coat for you.  Take our short quiz to shop styles based on your lifestyle.  


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When winter hits, are you most excited to curl up next to the fire? Is the après party in the chalet your favourite part of skiing? Can’t wait to host all your friends for a cozy dinner in?  Sure, you like winter, and you get outside to enjoy the snow from time to time, but getting cozy is what you love best.  If this sounds like you, shop our Cozy Companion styles.

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Cozy Favourites: Fleece Vest

Why we love them?

  • Ultra soft recycled polyester fleece
  • A perfect layering piece for extra warmth
  • Snap pockets
  • Sustainably made in Canada


As the first snowflakes fall from the sky, your mind wanders to ski weekends with your friends, hitting the trails with your new snowshoes, pick up hockey on the local pond.  You love winter activities and have a garage full of skates, snowshoes, skies and more, to take full advantage. 

Shop Winter Adventurer 


Winter Adventure Favourites: Elk and Doe Parka

Why we love them:

  • Vegan winter parka
  • Best vegan parka on the market
  • Wire brim to block the wind
  • Incredibly warm in temperatures as low as -25C (-13F)
  • Includes backpack for seamless indoor and outdoor transitions
  • Fabric made from recycled materials
  • Anti-viral pockets
  • Sustainably made in Canada


As the cold rolls in, are you packing up?  Are you planning a prolonged retreat to a more temperate climate?  Whatever shall you wear to the airport?  If winter isn’t your thing, let’s at least send you off in style.  

Shop Snowbird Collection 


Snowbird Favourites: Passage and Journey Bomber

Why we love them:

  • Water repellent and snow proof
  • Ultimate vegan bomber
  • Interior security pocket
  • Fabric made from recycled materials
  • Sustainably made in Canada
  • Keeps you warm in temperatures as low as -5C (23F)


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