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Welcome to Wuxly. Hailing from Toronto, we are the innovators of the first animal-free and sustainable parka brand proudly manufactured in Canada. Incepted in 2012, Wuxly began when pro-football player, James Yurichuk, moved from the west coast to join the Toronto Argonauts. His task? Getting his girlfriend, Brazilian-born Daniela, her very first winter coat. In his search for the perfect parka, James could not find anything that aligned with his values around protecting the environment.

Noticing the quality of Canadian made jackets, James saw an opportunity to evolve Canada’s rich manufacturing heritage by utilizing innovative and sustainable fabrics while peacefully leaving animals out of the equation.

Thus began the Wuxly Movement – a commitment to reshore Canadian manufacturing and create warmth through sustainably made outerwear. Now, we know what you’re thinking: was the parka a success? It's safe to say it kept Daniela very warm in her new climate. She and James still live in Toronto, now with their four beautiful children.

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Let's get animals out of the equation. Canada has a rich history of making jackets. But we saw a better way. At Wuxly, we’re for the planet and its people. Future-forward thinking drives our pursuits, and ethical manufacturing is at the forefront of our mission.

As the first animal-free and sustainable brand manufacturing in Canada, we lead with our love for fashion without the long-term consequences.

We’re all about balance in innovation, sustainability and performance, and believe in a future where less is more and transparency and responsibility take precedence.

Pull on your parka and go forth in style, knowing that your outerwear upholds unmatched sustainability standards.

Join the movement through every action and interaction. Go ahead, #livewarm


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