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Our Materials

At Wuxly we select hardcore tech-based insulation materials that deliver warmth and performance without harming animals. Did you know that a traditional down-filled parka can take up to 19 geese to fill? New and innovative vegan alternatives create the warmth and feel of down without causing any harm to animals!

When it comes to fabric sourcing, transparency and responsibility take precedence. We work with Bluesign approved and Oeko-Tex certified textile manufacturers to guarantee our fabrics are sourced for their high performance and sustainable qualities. We choose recycled and biodegrable materials wherever possible and we never sacrifice on quality. Our outerwear is built to last.


Sorona is an eco-efficient performance fiber made with annually renewable plant-based ingredients.The revolutionary bio-based polymer displaces complete reliance on chemical processing in textiles. The Sorona and Polyester blend creates a down-like, fluffy texture that provides all the warmth properties of down, without harming a single animal. Sorona insulation consists of 25% Sorona & 75% Polyester.


Primaloft is a polyester insulation known for its incredible warmth properties, even when wet. Unlike down, PrimaLoft is water resistant, which is why it is the insulation preferred by the army to ensure soldiers remain warm in all weather conditions. Primaloft is made from 55% post-consumer recycled content, making it both a warm and green choice.

Recycled Polyester

Our recycled polyester is made of recycled plastic bottles. All of our recycled fabrics are 100% recycled polyester unless otherwise stated. The number of water bottles recycled into fabric depends on the fabric weave and can range from 6.5 to 12.4 600cc bottles per yard. Recycled polyester is a favourite product of ours both for its sustainable and performance qualities but it’s not a perfect fabric. Because it is already recycled, it’s more prone to release micro-plastics when washed. We recommend spot cleaning any stains and please reference our product care information if a more thorough cleaning is required. We have tips on how to reduce those micro-plastics!

Biodegradable Materials

Our biodegradable polyester materials are made using Greenone yarns, which is an anaerobic biodegradable polyester. It enables garments to decompose quickly and turn into rich soil under landfill or in the ocean when discarded. Our Parkas can be cared for in their usual manner and the material keeps the same properties as virgin polyester.