Wuxly Trade Up Program

Get $150 off a new Wuxly Parka by bringing in your old parka!
We'll recirculate it to someone in need, ensuring it stays out of the landfill.
Keep warm and do good. 

If you have a winter coat that's not being used, why not donate it? Winter coats can easily last for over 10 years, or even longer than that! We'd love to help by redistributing your coat to those in need, while also keeping it from winding up in landfills. We even take the fur trims off and donate it to a local animal sanctuary to aid injured or orphaned animals. So, bring us your coat and you'll get a $150 credit towards a new Wuxly parka - one that will last another decade and beyond! 

How to Trade Up With Wuxly

To proceed, please email hello@wuxly.com with the following:

  • A minimum of 3 pictures of the jacket
  • NOTE any damages on the jacket including rips, tears, holes, stains, discolouration, etc
  • Brand name of the jacket
  • Place of residence

Once the coat has been received, we will provide you with a unique coupon code, good for a $150 discount on any Wuxly parka. The code will be valid for 3 months after you receive it. 

The Importance of Recirculating

We're passionate about creating positive things for the planet and its' people - how about you? Textiles are one of the world's fastest-growing waste streams and contribute greatly to environmental damage and climate change. According to Waste Reduction Canada, each Canadian produces around 37 kilograms of textile waste per year, while North Americans make up 10 million tons of waste annually. 

By recycling and reusing fashion items, we absolutely have the power to make a real difference in reducing textile waste. 

To learn more about textile waste click here

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Trade Up Program?

Our Trade Up Program offers a $150 credit towards our awesome made in Canada, animal-free parkas in exchange for donating a used winter coat. All donated items are re-circulated into the community to help people in need.  

What Wuxly products can the credit be used towards?

The credit can be used on any Wuxly Parka. Not applicable on Rainwear, Fleece, Sweatshirts, Accessories, Bombers or Jackets. 

What brands of parkas do you accept?

Wuxly will accept parkas from most brands as long as the items are high quality and in wearable shape. We want to recirculate the parkas to those in need while keeping winter coats out of landfills. 

What companies do you partner with?

Wuxly partners with local shelters to provide warmth for those in need. If we receive fur-trimmed parkas, we donate the fur to Procyon Wildlife to provide comfort for orphaned or injured animals.  

Do you accept Wuxly Parkas?

Yes! If you would like to Trade Up your Wuxly parka we are more than happy to recirculate it. 

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