Product Care

Whether you're refreshing your Wuxly or packing it away for the season, we recommending showing your outerwear some TLC. Here's just how easy it can be!

Care Instructions

Your Wuxly was made to last. To best care for your garment, we recommend:

  1. Spot cleaning when necessary using a mild detergent
  2. Machine washing your Wuxly parka on a delicate or hand-wash setting using cold water and a mild detergent
  3. Drying your parka in the dryer on an air dry or low heat setting, using dryer balls or tennis balls to maintain its puffy shape. It can also be hung to air-dry
  4. At the end of the season, store your Wuxly in a garment or dust bag until the following year

And as always, if you have any questions our team is here to help. Just send us an email at

We know that looking at care instructions can feel like speaking a different language at times, so we've done the decoding and translating for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does each Wuxly piece have specific care instructions?

Yes! Each Wuxly garment comes with a specific product care tag on the inside of the jacket. Also contained on the tag is a detailed list of the fabric composition for that particular piece.

Is there someone I can message for direct care assistance?

Yes! Feel free to email our support team at and they will be able to help you further,

What can I do if my Wuxly is damanged?

Please check our Warranty & Repairs page for more information about our terms and conditions.

Where can I learn more about the material composition of my Wuxly?

We have a page specifically for this! You can learn more about what sets us about from our Our Materials page.