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Product Care

Recycled polyester is a favourite product of ours both for its sustainable and performance qualities but it’s not a perfect fabric. Because it is already recycled, it’s more prone to release micro-plastics when washed. We recommend spot cleaning any stains to avoid the release into our water systems!

  • 1. Following winter season, be sure you store your Wuxly outerwear in the cleanest condition possible.
  • 2. Hang your outerwear vertically to help preserve the insulation positioning and alignment.
  • 3. Use a garment bag to protect your winter outerwear from contact and friction.
  • 4. Store your winter outerwear in a dark, moisture-free environment/space.

Spot Cleaning

If you have a small stain or only a small area that needs to be cleaned, the most sustainable way to clean your jacket would be to spot clean it. Take a dry rag and remove any residue from the stain by patting the spot with some light pressure, then with a damp rag lift off any remaining residue by allowing the water to soak in, then apply pressure with the dry rag again to remove the water. Repeat these steps until the stain is removed. If this doesn't work, proceed to machine washing or wet cleaning.


The jacket can be washed and dried by machine. We recommend washing your jacket in cold water on a gentle cycle and tumble drying it on low heat. Throw some tennis balls in with the jacket when drying, this will prevent the insulation from clumping and it will help maintain the lofty feel after caring for the jacket.

how to prevent insulation migration?

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