For The Planet And Its People

Our Values

From initial design to final product, you can live warm knowing that each garment is made of the highest quality animal-free materials and meets unmatched ethical and sustainable standards for the people who make it and the planet that inspires it.

Committed To Canadian-Made

Our tech-based vegan parkas are designed to last with performance and style in mind. We are dedicated to our tradition of craftsmanship and quality, and are committed to ethical and local manufacturing. Our commitment enables us to partner with experts in our community and ensure they receive fair Canadian wages, have a safe work environment, and are being treated with respect and warmth. The people who make our apparel are just as important as those who wear them.

In Pursuit Of Better

Both environmentally and socially, our goal is to be as sustainable as possible. Using recycled and biodegradable materials, local manufacturing and waste reduction processes, such as our Trade Up program to keep jackets out of landfills, our garments are designed to fuel your pursuits and warm your spirit. We source the latest BlueSign approved recycled materials to ensure we're on top of our game. Be better for future generations, and have fun while doing it.

Animal-Free. Always.

Let’s get animals out of the equation. Vegan since we began, our years of experience and development has allowed us to produce the warmest, best animal-free apparel. We deliver all of the warmth and performance you expect from a Canadian-made parka, with none of the harm. #LiveWarm, knowing zero animals were harmed in the making of your one-of-a-kind Canadian jacket.

Small-Batch Quality Craftsmanship

Our outerwear is manufactured over a 6-month period with as many as 40 components completed by Canadian pattern cutters and sewists. We work closely with our suppliers and Canadian manufacturers to ensure that a Wuxly product is the best on the market. We only produce in limited quantities to ensure the quality of each piece and to avoid surplus production. Our ethically-made jackets are small-batch – don’t miss your chance to grab yours before it’s gone!

Our Certifications

Our Community

Our brand seeks to connect with and support those who share our values. From our hyper-local Toronto community, to our nature-loving, vegan, animal-loving, and diversity supporting friends, community is what empowers and inspires us.