What Does Made In Canada Mean To Wuxly?

What Does Made In Canada Mean To Wuxly?

Oh Canada! We have always been proud to be a made in Canada brand.  We love our country and believe in the importance of building our manufacturing expertise.  

Did you know that a company only needs to make 51% of a product in Canada to be considered “Made in Canada”? At Wuxly, we go above and beyond and make 100% of our garments here! It is part of our sustainability mission to reduce our carbon footprint and to ensure that the people who make our garments have safe working conditions and fair pay.   


“Our goal is to have the perfect balance of performance while being eco-friendly and ethically responsible. We attain this by choosing recycled fabrics and durable finishes that have less ecological impact and choosing local Canadian manufactures where we can ensure safe working conditions for their garment workers. ” says Monika Jacobi – Director of Product and Design. 


Although our garments are fully made in Canada, we believe in the importance of being transparent and noting that not all our materials are made in Canada. In particular the availability of fabric mills in Canada is very limited and so we source all our fabrics from Blue Sign approved factories overseas. 

What is Bluesign approved you ask? Bluesign is an independent authority that provides solutions in sustainable processing and manufacturing in the textile industry. They work to ensure that textiles are manufactured with responsible use of resources and the lowest possible impact on people and the environment.  

Although our fabrics are not made in Canada, we do our best to ensure that they are manufactured in a way that meet our ethical and environmentally responsible standards.  Learn more about all materials we use here.

Our made in Canada mission goes beyond working with existing manufactures. As members of the Canada Council for Aboriginal Business, we are also forging new Indigenous partnerships in the development of economic reconciliation through manufacturing opportunities. Our mission is to support Indigenous owned and operated businesses, partnering with them in the manufacturing of our products and helping to develop and grow manufacturing opportunities in Indigenous communities.  

Our made in Canada commitment is at the core of the Wuxly brand. From initial design to final product, you can be sure each garment lives up to our standards for quality, craftsmanship and true Canadian spirit. 

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