Welcoming Warm Week

Welcoming Warm Week

We're better together.

When you buy any jacket, we will provide 15 warm meals to people in need in partnership with The Stop between November 23rd and 30th.


For this warm week we are partnering with The Stop; a local community food organization that facilitates a broad range of food related programs. 

We are seeing around the world that our societies are changing. Covid-19 has hurt all communities and so many people. With the holidays it can be all too easy to get caught up in the culture of consumerism and materialism. It has always been our mission to spread warmth and provide ethical alternatives. 

At Wuxly we Live Warm through every action and interaction. We want to help ensure people are not being left out in the cold. With so many people being affected and having trouble finding support, we have taken this opportunity to spread warmth to those in need and to show our gratitude to our community for your support. 

About the Stop:

The Stop is one of Canada’s first food bank since the 1980’s. The Stop has blossomed into a thriving community hub where neighbours participate in a broad range of programs that provide healthy food, foster social connections, build food skills, and promote civic engagement. We believe that nutritious, sustainable, and culturally appropriate food is a human right for all. 

Together, with our community and The Stop we can extend sentiments of warmth and kindness this season.  

Live Warm!


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