Help Reshore Black Friday

Help Reshore Black Friday

Can you hear the rumbles, the grunts, are you witnessing the jostling for position, Black Friday, it’s near. Before you pull an all nighter and race to your local big block store or add to cart, consider a few things before making that purchase, or equip yourself with coffee. Where is it made? Who is it supporting? If the answer is local, rest assured you’ll be on Santa’s nice list.

Reality is, a vast majority of purchases made on Black Friday don’t support local, foreign rather. With consumers flocking to bigger brands the revenue tends to revert overseas. We are changing this and bringing manufacturing back to Canada, a.k.a Reshoring. 

Affordability at a Cost

Buying foreign is preferred for your pocket book, though, a toll is paid by humanity. Common knowledge tells us that foreign manufacturing is cheaper because of low labor costs. Linked to inexpensive labor, is disregard for human welfare, health and safety regulations, as well as environmental consciousness. Alternatively, local manufacturing encourages fair wages, suitable working conditions and is less taxing on the environment.  

Reshore Manufacturing

Canadian manufacturing is in decline and this is not a new trend. Changes in economy, fewer regulatory controls and production outsourcing are all contributing factors. Textile manufacturing is one of the hardest hit areas, between the years 2004-2011 jobs at textile mills decreased by 60%. However, Wuxly remains among the brave few, fighting the good fight to reshore manufacturing.  

In 2020, Wuxly worked in combination with over 25 textile factories within the GTA.  We’re glad to note that all factory workers earned a fair wage, while working in suitable conditions.  Each respectable factory employs anywhere from 20-200 employees, who’s earnings cycle back into the local economy.

Wuxly takes great pride in our local manufacturing and doing our part for the economy. The design to support local is not just about Wuxly, it’s bigger than us, it’s about pride in the great country of Canada. 

Shop Local 

As the Black Friday tremors vibrate closer, we wish you the best in supporting local and smaller businesses. A friendly reminder to consider the details of your purchase, local or offshore? Will your purchase bring a big smile to an owner's face? Happy shopping from us at Wuxly, live warm.

For this Warm Week, Wuxly is doing something different, for every jacket purchased 15 meals will be sponsored to The Stop to help those in need. 


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