Happy International Womxn's Day

Happy International Womxn's Day

This year for International Womxn’s Day we want to shine a light on how we all, as consumers, can help to break the bias within the fashion industry.    

Let’s start with the facts.  According to nonprofit organization Remake, “close to 80% of people involved in garment production are women aged 18 to 24, the majority of them earning less than $3 a day”.  In choosing sustainable fashion brands, accredited by agencies like B Lab, you are helping to break the bias.  You are supporting businesses striving to create an equitable future where safe working conditions and fair pay exist for women in the fashion industry. 

Feminism and female empowerment are an important topic to discuss in the fashion industry, especially considering the significant role women play on the consumer side.  According to Fair Trade Certified, “millennial womxn spend 226 percent more on clothing per year than their male counterparts”.  Consider the buying power this gives female consumers and imagine how more responsible consumption by womxn could lead to a more equitable future for womxn.  

This of course is not only an issue for womxn to solve.  At Wuxly we believe all businesses and all consumers can help to break the bias and create a more equitable and sustainable future for women in the fashion industry.  

As a sustainable and ethical brand, we want to inspire more consumers to choose brands who are helping to break the bias for womxn in fashion.  Choosing locally manufactured brands and certified sustainable labels is a great way to help build a more equitable future.  Here are a few of our favourites to inspire your next shopping journey: 


Pretty Denim 

Frank and Oak 


Mini Mioche 


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