Thermal Rating Explained

Thermal Rating Explained

As we move into the cooler months, we further developed and updated our Wuxly Thermal Rating Guide with the help of George Brown College. Have questions about our dependability in the cold? Read on for the full transparent scope.


The thermal rating guide was created for our outerwear using a sweating guarded hotplate to measure heat transferred through our winter jackets into the test environment. This determines their efficient level of cold protection, and optimizes clothing insulation.


With Sorona being our main fill type, we also wanted to put competitor's down-filled jackets to the test. As a plant-based insulation mainly derived from corn, Sorona is pillowy in quality, and also doesn't clump when wet. This is huge when washing your Wuxly in a laundry machine—you never have to worry about our jackets not returning to their original state. Additional, no animals harmed means no feathers to poke out or get musty when exposed to the elements.

This system was tested on a few of our bestselling outerwear, varying in style and warmth for different activities. This experiment calculated their thermal resistance and established their metabolic rates in a controlled environment.

Our official thermal rating can be found online for each outerwear style, as well as on each product's hang tag.


Temperature Range: 

Class 1 (Warm) = 5°C to -5°C​

Class 2 (Very Warm) = 0°C ​to -10°C 

Class 3 (Incredibly Warm) = -10°C to -20°C

Class 4 (Extremely Warm) = -20°C to -35°C


Outwear Ratings:

Class 1 (Warm) = Passage, Journey, Riverside

Class 2 (Very Warm) = Queen Juneau, Leo / Greta

Class 3 (Incredibly Warm) = Comox, Union, Doe, Elk, Bloor Bay

Class 4 (Extremely Warm) = Sabertooth


So how did this stack to our competitors? For similar jackets in either price point or style, our warmth rating was higher—often by 5-10 degrees (or a whole class by our rating scale standard). This might make us sound a bit bias, but when choosing an innovative, warm, and animal-free coat, we know who we'll be going with. 


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