The Ultimate Vegan Puffer You Need This Winter!

The Ultimate Vegan Puffer You Need This Winter!

They have finally arrived! Our most puffy, dreamy, incredibly warm, and stylish vegan puffers- introducing Eko and Eka! Not only are they fashion forward with luxurious details, they also have some nifty features. 

  • The Power Is In The Puff - Our bio-based Sorona® insulation mimics the properties of down without the harm to animals.  Wondering if Sorona® is as warm as down?  The answer is YES!  The light and fluffy texture traps warm air and retains heat in the same way as down    
  • Stylishly Sustainable – Our textiles are sourced from Blue Sign approved mills that meet the industry’s highest standards for pollution control and are made from post-consumer recycled plastic. Each yard of fabric is made of 6.5 600cc plastic bottles with the combined shell and lining fabric of the Eko and Eka amounting to 22 plastic bottles recycled out of the environment.  
  • Have It Your Way – Can’t decide if you want a bomber style or a hooded parka?  Why choose?  The removable scarf and hood easily snap on and off for a quick style swap out. Style it as a bomber one day and a parka another.  Plus, the scarf makes for a great accessory to pair with chunky sweater or vest. 
  • Safety First - Although we hope to be nearing the end of the pandemic soon, masks and a heightened fear of germs are likely to stay with us for a while. Store your mask, keys, or metro pass in the antimicrobial sleeve pocket to prevent cross-contamination with your parka or germ transfer among belongings. 

Features aside, we also love the Eko and Eka vegan puffers for their style. After all, puffers are the statement making parka of the season!  Light up the dreary days of winter with the mint or greige, or play it cool in classic black and army green.

Not your style? For those of you who like a puffer with more of an athletic cut, our first vegan puffers, the Greta and Leo Airweights, are the perfect options for you!  Check them out here.

As the first animal-free and sustainable brand manufacturing in Canada, we lead with our love for fashion without the long-term consequences. 

We’re all about balance in innovation, sustainability and performance, and believe in a future where less is more and transparency and responsibility take precedence. 

Pull on your parka and go forth in style, knowing that your outerwear upholds unmatched sustainability standards. 




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