Say Yes to Sustainability

Say Yes to Sustainability

Every day we pick out what we are going to wear. We have the choice to continue with fast fashion that harms the environment, or coordinate what we wear to be more sustainable. 

Sustainable fashion is clothing that is made using sustainable and ethical practices. The goal is to improve the stages of a product's life cycle, from design to selling. Sustainability improves the standards for clothing manufacturing, helps the environment and benefits society on a large scale!

What is Vegan clothing?

Vegan means to stay clear using from using any animal in any product. Shopping vegan is one way you could contribute to sustainable fashion. Technology has enabled the fashion industry to create innovative materials that are sustainable and animal-free.

How Wuxly stays sustainable:

Wuxly consistently takes opportunities to be more sustainably conscious, and it will always be one of our top priorities. From our parkas being ethically made in Canada to eliminating the use of animal products, we aim to provide high-quality parkas while making our best efforts to contribute back to the environment & community. At Wuxly we offer PrimaLoft® Gold, eco-conscious shipping and are coming out with a new Earth Collection - stay tuned!

How you as a consumer can shop sustainably and vegan:

Understand your clothing; Check the label of your clothes. Read the materials and understand what everything is made of. The best are garments made from high quality, sustainable, natural and recycled materials!

Canadian made; Buying from Canadian made brands allows you as a consumer to contribute to a more ethical and sustainable practice as being designed in Canada can mean it could be manufactured overseas.

Do research; Search about the reputation and ethics of brands you are shopping. Always ask questions if you are uncertain about something. 

Buy local; Buying from eco-conscious and local brands is a great way to ensure you have trust in the company you are buying from!

Why shopping sustainably should matter to you!

  • Preserves natural resources
  • Helps to reduce our carbon footprint 
  • Less water and emissions used in manufacturing
  • Promotes fair and ethical work standards
  • Supporting sustainable businesses 
  • A greater feeling of gratitude

We as a brand and you as a consumer can come together to contribute positively to the environment and society. Say yes to sustainability!

Written by Lillian Blasioli


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