Proudly Animal-free

Proudly Animal-free

Did you know that at Wuxly, we’ve always been animal-free from the start? We encourage everyone to live warm - for the people, planet and of course our furry and feathery animal friends. 

Why do we choose to use animal-free materials? 

Sustainable: Our coats utilize innovative and eco-conscious materials

Ethically made: PETA approved - no animals are used in our products

Primaloft: Our coats are insulated with Primaloft, superior to goose-down

The result? Our coats are warmer, lighter and animal-free!

What’s up with down jackets? 

There is a certification called the Responsible Down Standard (RDS) that states animals are treated humanely. However, there are still processes that treat animals like geese, ducks, foxes, and coyotes unethically primarily in outerwear.  Live plucking and force-feeding are most common, and many of the animals are eventually killed for their meat/organs.  The amount of water and resources needed to raise the animals is still an environmental concern. And we’re just not about all that here at Wuxly! 

How are our jackets animal-free and sustainable?

Outershell: Made from water-resistant, breathable, vegan-tech fabric

Insulation: We use Primaloft Gold Insulation that is made from 55% post-consumer waste plastic. In a Wuxly jacket, you will feel the ultimate warmth-to-weight ratio with breathability. It is water-resistant and retains 98% heat retention even when wet, so you stay warmer and drier. 

Interior Nylon Lining: Made from 100% recycled plastic

With our recycled and vegan-tech materials, our customers can continue to live warm without the use of animals!

What’s next for Wuxly? 

Our goal is to go beyond production and manufacturing, and produce outerwear that is also sustainable and ethical even after being purchased! As a PETA approved brand, our plan is to incorporate biodegradable materials and more recycled materials so that we reuse what is already out there, while always being animal-free!  

Written by Chloe Chin