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Our Warmth Guarantee

Made with the best animal-free insulation, our outerwear products provide the ultimate warmth, and we stand by it. All Wuxly Movement Winter outerwear from our FW 2017 collection onward come with a Five-year Manufacturer’s Warranty.

Wuxly Movement is proud to offer premium-quality products to our clients. In the rare event of any manufacturing defects in materials or workmanship, your product will be repaired (or replaced if repair is not possible) at the discretion of our team.

The Ultimate Warmth is our Mission

The insulations that we use are PrimaLoft® Gold and Sorona® . PrimaLoft® Gold is a batted insulation that provides the ultimate warmth-to-weight ratio with breathability. It even outperforms down insulation when wet which is why it became the insulation of choice for the army. Sorona® is a lightweight down alternative. This blowable insulation has the same heat properties of down, allowing air to be trapped in the light and fluffy bio-based fibers. Soft and full, it has all of the benefits of down without harming a single animal.

Five-Year Warranty and Repairs

A Wuxly is made with care and if well cared for, it will last for many winters to come. Wuxly will cover repairs only in regards to manufacturing issues. This warranty does not cover damage caused by accident, improper care, negligence, normal wear and tear, minor insulation migration onto the outer shell, and/or the natural aging of colours and materials over extended time and use. If you would like Wuxly to repair damage that is a result of an accident or wear and tear, we may be able to do so at a small cost.


Warmth Rating



+5 to -5



0 to -10


Very Warm

-5 to -15


Incredibly Warm

-15 to -25


Extremely Warm

-30 and Below

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