Wuxly operates a small - medium sized supply chain which includes procuring and producing quality goods locally where possible. The goods and services we procure meet the requirements of our business and customers while respecting the planet and its people in the process. We recognize that we can make decisions to create a better future, socially and environmentally. We actively manage the impacts of our supply chain policies to ensure environmental, economic, and social impacts which we base our decisions upon.  


  • Set procurement objectives and actionable plans to support this policy and pursue improvements.  

  • We prioritize vendors who demonstrate and mirror the same conditions in their own companies. 

  • We identify elevated risk areas within our supply chain and provide mitigation direction into our contracts.  

  • We treat vendors with respect and the same fairness which we have inside our organization. 

  • We create a diverse supply chain and network to ensure inclusivity with every decision we make.  

Wuxly utilizes the following criteria to score vendors in the tender process which takes consideration of environmental, social and governance priorities. These include: 


  • Conservation of resources & utilizing renewable and local alternatives where possible
  • Prioritization of sustainable materials and waste minimization (packaging, transportation etc.)
  • Reducing the overall number of deliveries 

Economic and Social

  • Supporting local job creation
  • Creating Upskilling programs within our vendor networks (i.e., ultrasonic welding 1:1 machine training for indigenous partner workforce)
  • Participation of ethnically diverse communities and companies within our supply chain
  • Considerations of life-cycle costs
  • Ensuring Vendors are paid promptly in accordance with fair invoice terms

This policy will be communicated to Wuxly employees and will be reviewed on an annual basis to evaluate relevance and compliance to drive continuous improvement.