Made in Canada - Why is it Important ?

Made in Canada - Why is it Important ?

Canada has been known for manufacturing quality products but over the course of the last 50 years, there has been a loss of the local manufacturing industry in Canada and many other countries. 

Companies, especially fashion and technology, outsource their manufacturing overseas to lower and middle-income countries. Brands have been mass-producing their products while also paying low labour costs. Workers often make less than minimum wage and work under unsafe conditions. Overseas manufacturing also damages the environment, leading to pollution and generating huge amounts of waste. It’s time to reset and switch to local manufacturing and production for humanity and the planet. 

Made in Canada

At Wuxly, we strive to spread warmth through our sustainable, planet and animal-friendly outerwear products.  As a company committed to sustainability throughout the production process, our products and materials are ethically-sourced and made in Canada. Through our practices, our brand aims to create true Canadian parkas by emphasizing the importance and value of local Canadian manufacturing. 

So why is local manufacturing important? 

  1. Supports local skilled workers, businesses and manufacturers by creating employment and job opportunities.
  2. Ensures that workers are protected by labour standards and laws, meaning that the people who are making the products are working under safe conditions and are supported by fair wages. 
  3. Creates a shorter ‘distance’ between the consumer and the business. Consumers are provided with transparency into the manufacturing process, where they can learn about how the products are made and where they come from.
  4. Creates a sense of trust and credibility: Consumers can trust that the products they buy are ethically sourced and businesses can guarantee that they are providing high quality, locally made products.  
  5. Produces a meaningful outcome, where each product is made uniquely by hand and more attention is placed into the details of each product. 
  6. It is a sustainable, long-term way to reduce one’s carbon footprint by reducing emissions and energy usage from transportation, and does not rely on overseas factories that are harmful to the environment. 

In a time when Canadian manufacturing is so crucial, we have been able to help out!

Our products have always been made and designed in Canada, and we continue to search for ways to help our fellow Canadians. Since COVID-19, many businesses have switched from their usual routine to producing resources such as masks and sanitizers.  We partnered with local small businesses and manufacturers to replenish the need for PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) resources by producing medical gowns for Canadian frontline workers. 

As a company with manufacturing facilities in Canada, we have easily pivoted from producing winter outerwear to producing PPE resources. Local manufacturing has allowed us to operate more sustainably and ethically, and has given us the opportunity to help fellow Canadians when they are in need.   

Written by Chloe Chin  


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