Who we are.

Join us in our movement to #LiveWarm through every action and interaction. We were founded on a belief that we can do better and we can be better to help our planet. We are committed to ethically making our apparel in Canada and benefiting everyone involved. From initial design to final product you can be sure each garment lives up to our standards for quality, craftsmanship and warmth.


Our history

Wuxly’s inception was born out of the need for true Canadian-made outerwear that was warm and kinder to our planet. In 2012, pro-football player, James Yurichuk sought out help from his longtime-friend and master tailor Anthony Debartolo to design a Canadian-made parka for his now wife, Daniela, who was from Brazil. James wanted Daniela to feel warm in -30°C because she was used to +30°C.

The App

Why buy it?

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