Our Movement

Wuxly is warm in our practices, warm to our planet and warm to all living beings.


Performance is #1

At Wuxly, we like to have fun and joke around, except when it comes down to the performance of our outerwear. Wuxly uses hardcore tech-based, military-grade PrimaLoft Gold Insulation that outperforms traditional down-filled outerwear delivering the warmest performance even when wet! That is a ridiculous 98% heat retention difference compared to 0% for down-filled outerwear. Our form-fitting insulation is lean and mean when fighting against the cold.

A Parka with a Purpose

Wuxly is committed to spreading warm vibes only! Our ethics are what drive us! We believe all living beings deserve compassion and respect. As a PETA-certified brand this means animals were unharmed and completely taken out of the equation during the entire Wuxly production process.  All of our products are made-in-Canada under the best labour practices. Our local production enables us to create job opportunities in support of our Canadian communities!

Fashion Comes and Goes, but Winter Does Not

You have style  and we have your look to get you through the winter. Being on fleek is not just about beauty in the brows, it's the aesthetic of your whole ensemble. Pair your Wuxly with a gorgeous smile, with confidence as you wander through the city or wilderness knowing that you will always be warm in our outerwear. We only ask you to sauce your Wuxly the way it fits your lifestyle and wear it as a badge of warmth!

Sustainability for a Better World

We are as committed to our planet, as we are committed to the comfort of you feeling and living warm in our outerwear. Made-in-Canada, eco-conscious, high-quality and long-lasting are our middle names. We utilize recycled materials and high-quality parts so that you feel great inside while you wear your Wuxly. We offer an eco-conscious shipping option at our online checkout. Together, we reduce both our carbon footprint, leave animals alone, protect the environment while making the world a warmer place. Look at us - we are creating the warmest Movement together!

Transparent because we value You

We understand that your Wuxly is an investment - hence why each outerwear is backed by warranty! Canada is known for its intense winters, hockey, maple syrup and winter garments!  Each outerwear is built in a 6-month process with as many as 40 components completed by 15 pattern cutters and sewists (manufacturing fashion is hardcore labour!). We work super close with our suppliers and Canadian manufacturers to ensure that a Wuxly product is the best on the market. The quality and workmanship of Canadian-made, combined with elite US tech-based insulation, hardcore eco-friendly practices results in… drum roll please… one quality parka! Should a button pop or zipper blow, you are part of our family so we got you!

We love our warm Partners

We are proud to be the warmest brand who collaborates with local and international organizations to help create a better future for our planet! At Wuxly we always consider ways we can give back to make a better world. Every partnership has helped us to build our Live Warm community and we are grateful for all of our partners, including the following: 

  • The Humane Society of Winnipeg 
  • Second Harvest
  • Refuge Des Jeunes De Montréal 
  • Youth In Transition 
  • Lookout Housing and Health and Society 
  • The Mustard Seed
  • People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)
  • Animal Rights Toronto 
  • Toronto Wildlife Centre
  • Redemption Paws
  • Brands for Canada
  • Eva’s