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Live Warm Trade Up Program

Do you have a down-filled or fur-trimmed outerwear item that you are no longer in need of?

Look no further and trade up your item in a responsible eco-friendly way and gain a credit for $100cad.

Where Does Your Item Go?

The collected outerwear is donated to homeless shelters that we have partnered with across Canada, providing warmth to those in need. The fur-trims are collected and redistributed to caring animal rehabilitation centres where the fur is used to comfort orphaned or injured animals. Our closed loop system ensures that animals and people are warm while keeping products out of landfills!

The Nitty Gritty Stuff

Once we receive a trade-up inquiry, the item will be inspected. The credit value received for a traded up outerwear is $100cad. Wuxly will offer a credit towards: Doe Parka, Elk Parka, Fox Bomber, Bison Bomber, Yonge Parka, Queen Parka, Bay st. Parka. Once a coat is evaluated, a code with the credit amount is emailed to you and valid for three months from when we administer you your credit.

Wuxly will accept outerwear manufactured by the following companies:

    • Canada Goose
    • Moose Knuckles
    • Mackage
    • Nobis
    • North Face
    • Moncler
    • Soia & Kyo
    • Derek Lam
    • Arc'teryx
    • Parajumpers
    • Barbour
    • Burton
    • K2
    • Roxy
    • Rudsak

The list is not limited to just the above, some exception will apply. However, at Wuxly we cannot accept outerwear from vegan brands or fast fashion brands.

Thanks for signing up to the Wuxly Live Warm Trade Up Program. We will get back to you with your $100 discount code as soon as we receive your jacket.
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