Warm in our practices, warm to the planet and warm to all living beings.

Former Canadian pro-football player, James Yurichuk, has always been well versed with the cold. In 2012 James and Brazillian girlfriend, Daniela moved from the west coast to Toronto. Lover of wildlife, technology and all things Canadian James took it upon himself to find Daniela her first parka. 

With no luck in sourcing a Canadian outerwear company that embraced the values of quality materials, high performance, animal friendly and Canadian made, he approached his longtime friend and master-tailor, Anthony DeBartolo, to design a warm winter parka.

The final result? Canadian made outerwear utilizing highly advanced technical materials, creating a revolutionary tech-based outerwear that is leaner, lighter and warm, while being respectful to the planet and all living beings. This is the birth of the Wuxly Movement mantra, Live Warm.