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Our Story | Ethical Lifestyle Brand | Canadian Outerwear

Wuxly Movement is a progressive brand of Canadian made outerwear. Born from a love of wildlife, Wuxly is proudly animal-free throughout the product line. Instead, utilizing the world's leading technical fabrics to promote movement in any condition.

The brand mantra, Live Warm is more than a product benefit  its a way of life which promotes warm vibes only.  Independently owned, Wuxly lives warm through a unique production process that saves the lives of thousands of animals, utilizes innovative sustainable fabrics and implements the most stringent fair labour practices.  From start to finish, each decision is made with the same dedication and detail we put into the creation of our products. 

Much more important than our products is what they represent.  In the end, our goal is to deliver an experience that allow you to Live Warm —both inside and out.


Social Impact | Ethical and Sustainable Canadian Outerwear | Wuxly Movement

Commitment to Animals

The conservation and respect of animals are always at the forefront of our Movement. Wuxly is proudly PETA-certified meaning we have animal-free processes, that means there are no animals used or exploited throughout the entire production process. With more than 5 years of research and development we were able to find advanced weather fabrics that can outperform fur and down. We also work with animal charities throughout North America to support their efforts in saving and rehabilitating wildlife.


Fair Labour

We believe in the safety and livelihood of our workers– that’s why we make fair labour practices mandatory along all levels of our supply chain. Our manufacturing facilities implement some of the highest labour standards in the world, and our local production allows us to work with and give back to our community, including supporting those with multi-barriers to employment.  



The Earth is our home, and at Wuxly we ensure we treat it that way. When selecting fabrics, we gravitate towards those that provide top performance and minimal ecological impact. Our local production limits our carbon footprint, and our commitment to reducing CO2 emissions further supports wildlife.  

We proudly source our VeganTech Shells from a 100-year old company in Montreal, Quebec.  Every ounce of water that leaves the facility is clean, after being tested and treated for any water pollution.  Additionally, they reuse the heat from the dyeing process to help power the facility.  We continually strive to make our production, products, and packaging as green as they can be.


Founders Story | Animal-free and Canadian-made Winter Coats

The idea of Wuxly Movement first came about in 2012 when James Yurichuk, a former professional football player, moved back to Toronto from the West Coast of Canada.  As a lover of wildlife, he was searching for an animal-free and Canadian-made winter coat for his girlfriend, who was visiting from South America. After searching to no avail, he decided to make his girlfriend her first parka.

James approached his best friend of 25-years, Anthony DeBartolo – a Master Tailor – with the idea to help bring it to life. After extensive research, James sourced military grade fabrics that were scientifically proven to outperform fur and down. 

Shortly thereafter,  Wuxly's first parka was created.  As for the performance, it is safe to assume it worked as his Brazilian girlfriend decided to stay in frozen Toronto and become his wife.  


Design & Performance | Premium Canadian Outerwear

At Wuxly, we’re committed to creating outerwear that lasts. With a design team based in the fashion hub of downtown Toronto, Canada, we build off a rich history of premium Canadian outerwear while staying ahead of the curve. The result? Designs that are timeless, yet progressive.

The benefits of an animal-free product are more than just ethical. One thing that may surprise some is that our animal-free insulation used in our jackets outperforms traditional down-filled jackets – holding 98% heat even when completely wet, compared to 0% for down. Our military-grade Primaloft Gold Insulation is licensed only to select companies worldwid  

We are proud to make products that keep people living warm worldwide. We have field-tested our products in all 13 provinces and territories of Canada, and around the globe. Our jackets allow you to be both stylish and warm, even in the harshest of conditions.