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Sewn Chanels

Helps keep your jacket feeling and looking good.

Reflective Features

Stay visible in low light with built in reflective graphics on the back and side.

Zippered Pockets

Keep your items secure and safe in dual side pockets with full zip closures.

Elastic Hood

A fitted hood that stays in place without obstructing your view.

Wear Warmth With Pride

We make vegan jackets that exceed expectations. Balance in innovation, sustainability and performance is our mission, and a future where less is more and transparency takes precedence is our goal. #LiveWarm is a lifestyle that you can feel good about. From initial design to final product, each garment lives up to our standards for quality, craftsmanship and warmth.

Where Function & Fashion Meet

At Wuxly, we want you to get out there without sacrificing longevity or style. We make jackets with modern designs and leading vegan materials to get you feeling warm and looking great. Whether cruising downtown, snowshoeing in the backcountry or kicking it with friends, see winter in a new way - something that elevates, rejuvenates, and inspires.

Made in Canada

Elite Performance

Hardcore Tech-Based Materials


Sustainable Materials


Is Wuxly Movement still made in Canada, animal-friendly, and ethically sourced?

Absolutely! We continue to design and manufacture in both Toronto and Winnipeg as well as have products that are animal-friendly and ethically sourced. We are proud of being a Canadian company and continue to support our community by creating a True North Strong and Free legacy!

What is the Live Warm Trade Up program?

Our Live Warm Trade Up Program offers donators to receive a $100 credit towards our Canadian-made, animal-friendly products by trading up a down-filled and fur-trim goose-down outerwear that is then donated to someone in need. Please note that if you participate in the Trade Up Program, your new Wuxly parka will only come with a one-year Manufacturer’s Warranty. Please see our Live Warm Trade Up Program on how you can join the Movement!

How do I wash and care for my outerwear?

For best results we recommend wet cleaning as an eco-friendly alternative to dry cleaning. If you want to wash your outerwear at home we recommend spot cleaning any scuffs and dirt with a gentle soap. Simply take a dry rag and remove any residue from the stain by patting the spot with some light pressure, then with a damp rag lift off any remaining residue by allowing the water to soak in, then apply pressure with the dry rag again to remove the water. Repeat these steps until the stain is removed.

If this does not work, for all FW20 and FW21 products, proceed with machine washing in cold water on a gentle cycle and tumble dry on a low heat, or wet cleaning. For older products, we recommend wet cleaning.

Please also refer to your products care tag for individualized care instructions.

When will my order be shipped?

All orders are shipped on Monday through Friday between 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST in our branded boxes or soft pouch slips. All in-stock orders are shipped out within 1 to 2 business days (excluding holiday periods) and should arrive shortly thereafter. Items on pre-order or back-order will ship upon manufacturing completion.

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